Adobe pulled the plug on Atmosphere on 19 December 2004. So ended the first three and a half years of my Internet life - harvan 75 3 January 2005.

"Atmosphere was an attempt at realising, or at least getting nearer to, the dreams of cyberspace. The Atmosphere Builder is the authoring tool which allows users to create detailed and realistic 3D spaces and avatars. These worlds and avatars can be posted to any http server in the same way that someone would post a web page. The Atmosphere Player is the component that allows any user to browse and interact with these worlds. In the Player the user wears an avatar that represents themselves and through which they can interact with the world space and other avatars. The javascript API and a dedicated chat server enable the creation of public community spaces where users can interact with each other and with world objects." 

Chris Arkenberg, Atmosphere QE Lead Adobe
in an Interview with Andrew Harvey March 2002

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