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3 January 2005
  • BassendeanTownRadio is now well and truly up and running. The Committee has been very busy and we're planning on launching in March 2005. Until we've managed to raise some funds the site is being hosted by
  • BASSENDEAN COUNTRY, my very own Internet Radio Station is now broadcasting to the world.
  • And of course Atmosphere was killed off by Adobe on the 19th of December. That means much of this site is now useless to the casual visitor. !@##$%%^&*
22 August 2004
  • Dael loaded up his own site at I was very impressed with its appearance.
  • I'm still trying to get my new project - Bassendean Town Radio up and running. Its up ( ) but I'm not linking it into the homepage until it's worth visiting.
20 October 2003
  • Loaded up a new page to hold all my Atmosphere Worlds
  • Loaded up the Fires of Beltane in preparation for Halloween
  • Created a new Atmosphere Player help page (presently only on the Beltane page)
10 September 2003
  • Redid the sub web on the new house, not all there as yet but now includes:
  • just the best photographs covering the entire 2 years, with commentary
  • the Virtual model of the house using Atmosphere (what else). The house contents will be progressively loaded over the next year or so.
9 February 2003
  • Split the Avatars page into to two. There are now two pages covering Avatars in general, and Atmosphere Avatars in specific
  • Programmed the use of a Pre-loader picture for the Museum of Avatars using Rolu's Atmosphere Interface Add-on
  • Updated the Links page
  • Updated the About Us - it now actually provides some information
26 January 2003
  • Finally finished the extensions to the Eritani Virtual Museum of Avatars to include avatars from the Avatar 2002 convention. 
  • Revised the Avatars pages, and embedded the Museum of Avatars into it.
25 December 2002
  • Got the hit counter up on the Home Page using asp (Yah!!) - [sorry, always wanted to say that]. The last time it was working (around July 2002) the count was up to 500.
25 December 2002
  • Started the site history