Materials Used

No paid sponsorship was received for any mention on this page. It's just that they all did a good job - and yes this particular page was put together in a bit of a hurry. As the model of the house continues to develop I hope that I can continue to develop this page.

Bricks and Paving
Midland Brick

  • Brickwork: Florentine Limestone Half Bond

  • Driveway: Heavy Duty Sentosa (with Golden Dune as a border)

  • Verandah: Mosaic Cobble Sentosa (with Golden Dune as a border)

  • Alfresco: Helena Vale handmade bricks (with Caversham as a contrasting border)


BHP Steel

Aluminium Doors and Windows
Jason Breezelock


M&B Fitzroy

  • Gainsborough Terrace

Do you know how difficult it is to take a photograph of a door - very. This photo will probably take forever.

Coastline Cabinets

  • Kitchen
    Top: Wilsonart Bush Pebble
    Front: Wilsonart Antique While

  • Bathroom
    Top: Wilsonart Caldera Jade
    Front: Wilsonart Oslo Beach

  • Ensuite
    Top: Formica Brown Pepper Quarry
    Front: Formica Paperbark Neo


Westfi and laid by First Class Flooring

  • Kempas - a laminated, long-lasting, beautiful wooden floor






Project Air-Conditioning

  • Hitachi Split Ducted Reverse Cycle 17kw capacity, 6 zones



  • Careeba 1675