Welcome to the 'House that Dale helped build'.

This is the third house that we've owned, but only the first that we've built. As you might gather we're more than happy with the final result.

We purchased the block, an old tennis court, in August 2000. 600 square metres, close to the railway, only 15 minutes by car from Perth. Unfortunately it then took us over a year to sell the house, although there were really only two or three months at the end of the period when we were actually waiting for something to happen.

First off we looked at a LOT  of display homes, finally deciding on a design loosely modelled on Dale Alcock's 'Vasse'. We signed the Contract in May 2001 and were looking at having to support two mortgages. Luckily there was a delay in gaining planning permission from the Council, with this only being given in September.

And then in November 2001 we FINALLY managed to find a buyer for the house. At last we could make a real start!

Pre-start took place in late November 2001, a full days effort, with another couple of hours before Christmas to tidy up some of the variations, with the slab finally being poured in January 2002.