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ANDREW HARVEY: (aka dalek, harvan75). Age 45 (2003), of Perth Western Australia. Married with two sons (18 and 15).

I have been involved in Atmosphere since just after its first beta release, and been writing for the Atmosphere Users Own Newsletter since Edition 1 (18 months now). My other interests include:
1.) a fairly significant involvement with the WA State Emergency Service as a volunteer training officer;
2.) writing Science Fiction (so far with only 1 short story published many years ago but Iíve now got an editor from a local publisher interested enough in one of my manuscripts to work with me through three drafts);
3.) establishing a garden for the new house (not easy through an Australian summer); and
4.) studying for my Masters in Criminal Justice (donít ask).

Been involved with computers since pre-IBM PC days - mainly as a word-processing tool. My first computer was a Microbee (CPM operating system) followed by a Nimrod (MS DOS) - both Australian manufacturers. I came to the Internet relatively late (1999, 8 years after the release of WWW by CERN), when I finally bought an IBM Aptiva, and I can still remember the frustration of trying to get either IE, or Navigator to log me on for the first time. For the last three years weíve been building or buying a new computer every year, and am presently running 3 on a wireless network, with the laptop supplied by work making up an occasional fourth. Times have certainly changed, and while the kids blame me if they lose an internet connect for 5 minutes, Iím still pleasantly surprised that anything works.



Last updated - 8 February 2003